Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Repaired Word Art Link.

I have repaired the link to the Ute Indian Word art and included a preview of it here. I am sorry for any inconvenience that was caused because of 4shared asking for a password that wasn't assigned. It is working now. I hope that you enjoy the word art.

You can find it here: Ute Indian Poem

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ute Indian Poem Word Art Freebie

It's just a couple days till Christmas now and I am spending a lot of time thinking about my mom. Thanksgiving it has been two years since we lost her and this is our third Christmas without her. I will be glad when it is easier. I had found a poem by the Ute Indians that reminded me of mom. The poem says: "I used one of the last photos that were taken of my mom before she died. The Poem Says: I am the woman who holds up the sky. The rainbow runs through my eyes. The sun makes a path to my womb. My thoughts are in the shape of clouds. But my words are yet to come." I thought this was an inspiring and profound poem so I created a word art of it. I am giving it free here. I am not a designer so it isn't anything special but I wanted to share it for Christmas. * Link No Longer Available *

I created a layout with it using a great kit from DigiScrapNMomma of Do It Digi. If you like the kit, you can purchasse it here.

Have a Very Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

I finally got around to creating a scrapbook page of my tree. I extracted the tree from the original photo and put it into a layout using the "Night Before Christmas 2" kit from ScrapKitten. It's a very cool kit. I love the ornaments. You can't see my black cat in the picture but she's in there under the tree.....It won't look like it does for very long if the two cats continue to play in it the way they have been... Oh well, it's not going to be up that long anyway. The font I used in the layout is called Christmas. The ornaments are all Disney except for about 10 that my mom and kids made for me.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Let It Snow

I am not very good at keeping up with my blog so a little over a month and I am posting again. It has been a busy month as I am looking for new employment. End of the year isn't the ideal time to look for a new job but that's the way it goes I guess. I haven't done too much in the scrapbooking area lately either. I find it a bit amazing that if one doesn't define themselves as their position at work, how can it be so hard to just get by???? I have always defined myself as a mother of two, grandmother, sister....etc, not as xyz employee or manager or whatever... So, if that's the case I don't understand why I am having difficulty functioning...rebel without a cause so to speak. I guess I have time to ponder that....

So, we had our first snow of the season...first snow dropped over five inches on us and I had a blast watching the dogs outside. Murphee and Daisie absolutely enjoyed the snow, Murphee a little less than Daisie but at nearly 14 years old, she's allowed. So, I created a couple scrapbook pages of them while they were outside. I used "WintreeWeather" by Linda Walton of 3Scrapateers and the metallic elements were by Claudia Cochran.

I haven't done anything with Thanksgiving because when I left my sisters, I picked up the wrong camera and the family photos are on my camera still. I won't get it exchanged with my sister until Christmas so I guess I will be scrapping both Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time.

I finally got the Christmas Tree put up and will probably scrap that later as well. I kind of want to wait and take pictures of my kids and sisters trees and scrap them all together. I got a cool new kit from ScrapKitten called "Night Before Christmas2" and I can't wait to use it. ScrapKitten is having their Grand Opening and they are having a special 48 hour $10 worth of product and get a coupon for $10 but hurry it won't last long.

Saturday, November 10, 2007



Okay, so the first post I tested with loaded the title and sample that was included....ooops.  Seems to work okay though.  So, I can write a blog entry without actually being on the blogspot website.  Hmmm.  I guess this may not be too bad...

So, I wenHalloween 2007-webt trick or treating with my grandson and created a scrapbook page.  I created it with a Mega Kit from RakScraps from October of 2006.  The font used was Haunted....


Gabe is such a little monster...He was quite cute though.  I hadn't seen him in a little over a month and when he recognized me he came running with his arms wide open.  Great way to grab the Nanna's heart.  He didn't let me put him down after that....boy am I old.   *whew*  Had to rest several times.  I forgot what it's like to carry a little one around for long distances.  I sure enjoyed him though. 

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Family Reunion

We just had our family reunion and it was good to see everyone. It seems a shame though that there are so many family members that we only see once a year. We had family there that we actually haven't seen for 15 years. So long in fact that I wasn't sure in fact who they were. It seems like the older members of the family are much closer to each other than the younger ones and our kids don't have near the experiences that I remember when I was growning up. Makes me wonder what will happen after Grandma is gone. She is the rock that is holding the family together. So, here are a couple of the pages that I put together from the reunion and there will be more to come. These were created with an awesome kit called Naturally by Marguerite S. of Hooked on Digi Scrap. I love the quilted look and feel of the papers and the muted tones are so versatile to work with.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Busy Scrappin Day

It's been a busy scrapping day. I haven't scrapped that much this month so far so I spent some time catching up and now it's time to catch up on my blog. Lot's of activity this month so far. July 4th holiday brought Scott, Katie and Gabe over. He is so cute (not that I am a predjudiced grandma or anything) and it was a pleasure for me to watch his reactions for the parade and get to play with him. He is so much fun. Then there was Styx, Reo Speedwagon and Def Lepard concert on Sunday. Whoo hoo what a blast that was. I'll be scrapping those pics soon.

So, only with children will you see one walking across the driveway and then breaking into dance. That's just what Gabe did....accidentally I am sure. I think he was balancing his self on the gravel but it sure looked like he was dancing. I just couldn't prevent myself from scrapping his preciousness when I saw how this picture turned out. I used Spring Rain kit by Cindy Doerksen of Hooked on Digi Scrap. I just love the colors in this kit...they range from warm to cool colors and are so versatile. Fonts used were Britannic Bold and Broadway. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, June 18, 2007

House Wren

Ten years in the same house with bird houses everywhere and we finally get Wrens....Two separate families and two separate kind. We had house wren and carolina wrens. The house wren were not as scittish as the carolina wren and I was able to catch a fantastic picture of one them coming out of the bird house. They are so small and delicate looking. I never did get to see any of the babies. So, I scrapped a picture of the house wren and used a great kit from Scissorless Media of Hooked on Digi Scraps. The kit is called Go Play Outside. I just love the backgrounds and the nails. How real can you get with the elements but she has sure captured the realism with these. You can check them out here.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


What a busy week this has been. I haven't been doing too much scrapping as there have been other things to get done. The weather has been nice so outside work has had priority but Bobbie and I went out to the country to visit someone who is raising GoldenDoodles. GoldenDoodles are a newer breed of dog that is a cross between the full size poodle and the golden retreiver. Well, since Snickers turned 17 this last April and Murphee is 14 and both have outlived their life spans we are thinking about our future family members. It has become more evident that we need to think about the fact that neither of them may be with us very much longer as they are both having problems getting up and down and they are both falling frequently. It is tough to think about losing them but they have both outlived the normal life span for their breeds. It's very rare to hear about a dog that is 17 years old. We have been very fortunate to have them with us for so long. But anyway...we went to visit this farm where they are raising these dogs. We met the mom and the dad and two of their little puppies and they were so sweet. The mom of the puppies was a Golden Retriever and she was just the nicest dog. Dad, the poodle, was typical of poodles and very excitable but they were both very precious. The puppies were just the cutest things. They were calmer like their mommy and very loveable and I beleive that some time next year we will wind up buying one of their puppies. So, I scrapped a few pages of Snicks and Murph and one page with one of the pups. I created the pages with a kit called "Best Friends" by BenaminScraps of Hooked On Digi Scrap. It was a cool kit to work with and I just love the elements it has like the collar and the Best Friends collar tag. The elements really added to the layouts and although I may not always have Snicks and Murphee, I will always have their memories.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Father's Day is right around the corner

Fathers day is right around the corner. It's so hard to believe how fast this year is going already. We're already well into June. Where does all the time go? So, Hooked On Digi Scrap is celebrating father's day with an awesome sale. They are offering 45% off everything in the store. It's great! They have so many cool designers that are so talented. So, if you're into digital scrapping; stop over and check them out. I created this layout of Gabriel, my grandson with one of the kits that their designers created. It is called Singin In the Rain by Jennifer B. See you there :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Invitation to join more than 3.5 million people who are dedicated to eliminating cancer in our lifetime

Relay For Life® is a fun-filled overnight event designed to bring together those who have been touched by cancer. At the event, we celebrate survivorship and raise money to help the American Cancer Society in its mission to save lives, help those who have been touched by cancer, and empower individuals to fight back. During the event, teams of people gather at schools, fairgrounds, or parks and take turns walking or running laps. Each team tries to keep at least one team member on the track at all times.

I encourage you to participate in an event in your community. If you cannot attend an event but would like to sponsor me; please visit my page. There you will see how much I have raised to date.... as of today, I am ahead of my team of three... Whoo Hoo! I'm ahead! It is my goal to raise at least $200. I would really like to raise more but I will be satisfied with the $200.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope to see you at the event...

Vacations Over

Bummer. My vacation is over and I didn't get near as much done as I had hoped...guess that happens some times. I did get all the gardens in though and that was a major accomplishment in itself. I can't believe how hard the ground was. There hasn't been much rain to speek of and it is hot. It is indicative of how the summer is going to be I guess. My poor water bill is going to be sky high watering the gardens if this lack of rain continues. My sister came in from Az this past week and it was nice having her here. We don't get to see each other very often and we all miss her. I will have to put together some scrap book pages of her and post later. I did manage to get three scrapbook pages done though this week. I used Happy Summer kit by Anja J. of Hooked on Digi Scrap. What a cool kit. The colors are like watermelon and very summery. I enjoyed working with the kit and will use the kit alot as the summer goes by. If you like the kit you can get it at Anja's Store. The layouts that I did were kind of nastalgic. One in memory of my mom for mothers day. I sure miss her. Grandma got one, she is such a sweetie. Nearing 90 years old she is still as pretty as she ever was. Then there is one on my baby sister. The quote on hers is from 1 Hour Scrap but I don't have the designers name for it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm On Vacation

Well finally, I'm on vacation. My sister came in from Arizona for our nieces graduation and I scheduled vacation to coincide with it. Whew! It's been a long year and I was in dire need of it. I had to work an extra long week to butt up against the vacation days and was definately ready for the time off. So, while I was working I made a few scrap book pages. Check them out. I used the May Mega Kit from Hooked On Digi Scrap. It was a cool kit to work with. I love the colors and the versatility. The first layout is a picture of a butterfly that was visiting the flower bed, the second one is of my son, grandson, and their dog sliding at a park that they visit. It was probably Gabes first time going down a slide. The third layout is of the albino squirrel in the yard. My sister's say that this squirrel is not albino because it's eyes appear blue. It is appearance only as they are red. There is a total of three albino squirrels coming into the feeders now. How weird is it to have so many....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wonderful Flowers

I created two new layouts with Anja J.'s Wonderful Flowers kit and can be found here. This kit is a great kit to work with. I just love this kit.... It was a great kit for this spring.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Rights of Women

So, another Mother's day has come and gone...thank goodness. They just aren't the same without my mom but that's something that I cannot change. So instead, I scrap about her. I scrapped this particular layout for the scrapalift challenge that I host over at Hooked on Digi Scrap and used a cool kit from one of our designers "Anja J." She has several cool kits available at her store . The kit that I used for this particular layout is Wonderful Flowers Mini Kit. Anja J. has several kits including blog header templates. Stop over and check out her store. Quote is from Cottage Arts.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Huge Mother's Day Sale!

Hooked on Digi Scraps is having a huge Mother's Day Sale starting Thursday, May 10th through Sunday, May 13th. Everything in the store will be 45% off! This is a great time to save on those scrap booking kits to preserve your special Mother's Day moments or to just grab a special kit for scrapping your last event. They have some great kits plus...the April Mega Kit is available with all proceeds for Idol Gives Back! It's a great time to save!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Working Weekend

Last two weekends have been working weekends but the work has been fun. I so enjoy being outside playing in the yard and playing in the gardens. Makes me wonder why I'm sitting inside on the computer when I should be outside..... Oh well. I needed to get caught up on things so I'm inside for the moment. I'll be outside shortly weeding the gardens and getting them ready to till for planting. Most of the flower beds are weeded and mulched now so more time can be spent getting the vegetable gardens ready. Scott's lawn was just here or I would be outside anyway. Gotta keep the girls in for just a little while right after they've been here. I'm afraid that the chemicals will hurt their feet. So, last weekend when the kids were here we managed to get some work done and I got plenty of time to watch Gabriel have a blast in the yard. He explored the whole back yard, followed the dogs and mom around, tasted the mulch and grass, watched the fish and wore himself out. He is such a joy for me to watch. I created one layout of him exploring. The kit I used was Sarah Grimwood's Floral Trellis Kit. The second layout that I created of him walking was Sarah Grimwood's Flower Power. Her kits can be found in her store here:

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

National Scrapbooking Day

50% Off Everything in the store. There's something for everyone and every event you could think of. This store is the home of the kit designers that I use for my scrapbooks. The ladies there are so talented. Stop in and check it out. Sale runs from May 4th through May 6th. Stop in the forums while you are there and check out our challenges and galleries.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Back Yard Visitor

We have a new back yard visitor. How totally cool! Not one but two. Two albino squirrels. The gray squirrels don't like them much and try to chase them away from the feeders but they are diligent. So, I scrapped them. I used Sarah Grimwood's Pistachio Cove kit to scrap them with. You can find the kit at Sarah's Store.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where did 70 degrees go?

Well, 70 degrees has come and gone. It has been cold and dreary all week long and I am so ready for Sunshine..... I am hoping that I don't lose my Japanese Maple and am very sad that I have already lost five of my rose bushes. Such a cold front we got. It was even too cold to take the little ones outside for an Easter egg hunt. So, they hunted in doors and had a wonderful time anyway. They had plastic eggs filled with money and toys as well as special little notes directing them to various adults for hugs and kisses. What fun! Gabe had so many faces and expressions. How precious. Timmy was also very fascinated by everything and a joy. Faces of Gabe page was created with March 2007 Mega Kit from RakScraps with Rockwell Extra Bold Font. Timmy page was created with VMORR's Somebunny's Easter Kit from Scrapbook Bytes. Font used was Century Schoolbook.

Friday, March 30, 2007

What a Month

What a month his has been.... Busy, busy, busy plus I quit smoking! After 33 years of nicotine I have finally given it up, thanks of course to Chantix. If you are a smoker and want to quit Chantix is the thing. I never suffered one withdrawl symptom from the nicotine. I still have triggers where I want to light up but not because I want the nicotine but because old habits die sitting with morning coffee and a cigarette. That part has been different but I am excited to be smoke free. Now if I could just be fat free but that is another story.... I haven't spent too much time scrapping this month because sitting at the computer and smoking was also something that went well together but I am slowly adjusting. Here are a couple pages that I have managed to do.... They are made with DaleAnn C. kit: Spring Sorbet. This has been a great kit to work with and there are a ton of other photos that I can use with these kits. I loved the peach colors for Gabriel because they aren't feminine. You can find her kits at the HODS store. The Element Pak and Page Pak are must haves for this spring.

Gabriel turned one this month. How time flies by. He is so precious and has the sweetest smile. Of course the scrap pages that I worked on were of him of course. He had his first hair cut on his birthday and I will scrap some of those pictures later but his party was so much fun for him. He ate up all the attention and especially enjoyed his birthday cake. Scott and Katie did such a good job on his first party. There were so many people there that half of them had to be outside......He received a ton of presents one of which was a train and track. I will scrap those pics as well later...He just loves that train. He was so much fun to watch. Reminds me so much of the page that I scrapped of "Children are What Life is All About."

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

70 Degrees

Wow! It feels like 70 outside right now! Yipee! Whoo Hoo! Been working outside all morning except for the laundry. Sure is getting tough to juggle everything....there's work (which I have to be at in less than 2 hours), there's yard work, house work, scrapping for my creative team stuff, and the list goes on. :-) But the sun is shining and it's great. I love spring and summer. So, I got the Pampas Grass cut down this morning although I don't have it all cleaned up and got one side of the Holly Bush Garden trimmed, not cleaned though. So much to do. It really is too bad that I have to go to work today. There is so much yard work that is calling me to get done, not that I can do it all in one day but it's calling nonetheless. Oh well, I feel as though I have made an accomplishment.

Friday, March 02, 2007

There are 18 days left till spring. Yipee. Soon it will be getting warmer and brighter and staying that way for longer. There are only 20 days left until Gabriels first birthday. I can't believe that he is turning one already. He has changed so much over the past year as you can see in the multi photo layout showing his facial changes. This lay out was created with Celebrate kit by RakScraps Design Team and Raks Sketch Template Challenge by Robin at RakScraps. The kit used was a daily download kit in November 2006. The turning one layout is created with Comfortable Country by Laura Pittman of Hooked on Digi Scraps and is currently on sale in their store. It is a great kit to work with. I just love the elements included in it. The layout is based on their February sketch template challenge.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

20 Days till Spring

20 Days till spring.....whoo hoo. It's getting closer. We have thunderstorms today, yipee....

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

21 Days and Counting

Tomorrow is the first day of March, wooo hooo! That means 21 days till spring :-) Thank goodness. It has been a long winter and I can't wait till the trees start really budding and the flowers start to bloom. I love spring and summer. Not too keen on Winter and the blahs.... Thinking of spring, I went through some of my pictures from March of last year and two years ago. I found a picture of Murphee with her prize. She had found a dollar bill buried in the leaves in the back flower bed and was soooo proud of herself. It is amazing how much personality animals have. So I scrapped it. So much fun. I used the March mega kit from Hooked on Digi Scraps. I thought it was appropriate. If you want to check out the kit you can visit the store. They are having a big sale this coming weekend. It will be a great time to save.

Monday, February 05, 2007

What a week

Wow! What a week last week was.... The release of Microsoft Vista at work, the absolute freezing cold and the winter blah's. I hate winter. But as of today there is only 33 days left till spring and I can't wait. With the sub zero temperatures it is too cold to go outside and I am getting antsy. I have had fun making scrapbook pages while I've been cooped up in the house but now I'm ready to go out and about and take new pictures to create new layouts with. Today I created a really sweet layout of my grandson during his batch time.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Well, one of my sisters had surgery yesterday. She is fine....thank goodness. She is in a lot of pain but it will be a short lived pain compared to the pain that she's been in for the past couple of years putting up with her problem. So, no post yesterday. I created a layout with the daughter of a friend of mine. I used a kit from Sarah E. of which was fun to work with. I just love the colors and had such fun creating this. The kit is called autumn butterflies. It is just so soft looking and perfect for the babies.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm Back

Well, I had lost my information for this blog when I re-formatted my computer and only recently found it again. I guess I didn't really think about it since I have never really been into blogging. Recently though, I was added to the Creative Team at Hooked on Digi Srap and it seems like all the ladies there have blogs and so I thought I would look mine up again. Maybe this time I won't lose the site. So, since I found it again I changed the colors and really did an update to it. I kind of like the new look for it.