Saturday, July 21, 2007

Family Reunion

We just had our family reunion and it was good to see everyone. It seems a shame though that there are so many family members that we only see once a year. We had family there that we actually haven't seen for 15 years. So long in fact that I wasn't sure in fact who they were. It seems like the older members of the family are much closer to each other than the younger ones and our kids don't have near the experiences that I remember when I was growning up. Makes me wonder what will happen after Grandma is gone. She is the rock that is holding the family together. So, here are a couple of the pages that I put together from the reunion and there will be more to come. These were created with an awesome kit called Naturally by Marguerite S. of Hooked on Digi Scrap. I love the quilted look and feel of the papers and the muted tones are so versatile to work with.