Tuesday, June 03, 2008

History in the Making

History in the making! Discovery Astronauts are getting ready for their first space walk! They are going to install a new lab onto the space station! How cool is that! It is amazing how far technology has taken us in not to long a period of time. With the first moon landing in 1969 by Neil Armstrong and we keep going further and further into space. Who knows where we will be in the next 40 years. Maybe we will have colonized a planet or two. Can you believe it's been nearly 40 years since the first man on the moon....the 40th anniversary will be July 20th 2009. I think it is fascinating how far we've come over the years. History made in my lifetime!

More history in the making is the scrapbooking pages that we all make every day! We are so lucky to be able to document our own history and leave as a legacy to our family far into the future. And with geneology we can go pretty far back into history and document our ancestors as well. How cool is that. Plus with the internet we have the ability to share our journey with our "virtual" family and friends. Speaking of sharing.... :) I created a couple pages of a fishing trip that my son and daughter in law made last year. I got such a kick out of my son's big catch of the day. It was too funny. Especially considering how big the fish was that my daughter in law caught. lol. So, Katie wins the prize for the Catch of the Day! lol. Both pages were made with Sea Fishing by Theta of Deco Pages. This is a really cool kit. It has 6 12x12 paper solid, 6 12x12 paper solid with spots, 6 12x12 paper squid cross, 6 12x12 paper squid corner, 3 12x12 paper stripe, 1 12x12 paper parquet/check, 1 12x12 paper torn page, 1 12x12 paper sailboat scene,
9 assorted fishing certificates, 6 colored metal Barracuda/Kaku, 6 colored metal Dolphin Fish/MahiMahi, 6 colored metal Marlin/A'u, 6 colored metal Sailfish/A'u Lepe, 6 colored metal Salmon, 6 colored metal Snapper/Opkapaka, 6 colored metal Tuna/Ahi, 6 sewn buttons, 6 tied
buttons, 4 metal fish lures, 3 squid 1 lures, 3 squid lures, 6 ribbons, 6 rings for making charms or grommets, 4 ropes, 3 bouys, 2 rod and reels, 1 life jacket, 1 med swirl, 1 small swirl, 1 winner seal
1 underscore, 1 flying gaff, 1 anchor and a bonus of 6 12X24 papers. Huge kit and right now is on
sale for $5.50 over at Deco Pages. This kit is perfect for the fishermen and women and perfect for some of those father's day pages coming up.

Gardening is in full swing here in Ohio! I find it so relaxing and fun, even when I have to pull weeds. I have 9 flower beds with a variety of different flowers for different birds and butterflies and 3 vegetable gardens and one gourd garden. I plant gourds so that I can make bird houses with them to hang in my trees. I love watching the variety of birds that use them. Of course being an avid bird watcher, (at least in my yard) I find it a lot of fun. You can see one of the gourds I've made that is currently inhabited by a Carolina Wren Here. These two pages were made with Gardener's Delight by Sue Fata. I love the soft colors and the variety of elements that she has in this kit. Right now she has it on sale for $3.00.

One of my other favorite past times is watching my grandson! Watching him learn and discover new things and just watching his cute little face. Sometimes I wonder where his mind is and what he's thinking about just like in this next page. He looks so far away.
I used Sunflowers by Deb Ammerman as well as Doodle All Day. I love the rich colors of her sunflower kit and the metal basket elements are wonderful. You can find it here in her store. Her kit has 6 Backgrounds, 4 Borders, 7 Rounded Corner Tags, 7 Large Tags (With a Green Raffia Tie to fit), 7 Small Round Tags (With a Green Raffia Tie to fit), 7 Small Tags (With a Green Raffia Tie to fit), 1 Gold Sunflower Basket pin, 1 pewter Sunflower Basket pin, 1 Sunflower, 1 Sunflower Paper Piecing, 1 Sunflower Basket Paper Piecing. It's a great kit!

Well, I guess that's all the rambling for today. Have a wonderful Tuesday, Thanks for stopping by!