Thursday, January 08, 2009

Heritage Album and a Freebie

I have decided to create a heritage album for my kids so they would have the background of their roots to share with generations to come. I am also working on a book for them that has been a work in progress that talks about my life, where I came from, events that have shaped who I am and includes my pregnancies with them and leads up to "today." Here is one of the pages that I am putting in this book. It features a picture of my grandparents and their children, minus one Uncle who died when he was 16. Grandpa and Mom have since left us but the rest of them are still alive; Grandma who is 91 next month and my Aunts and Uncles who are all in their 70's now. With the loss of my mom I have become very interested in preserving the memory of "family" and hope that one day they will appreciate where they came from and hope to instill in them the appreciation of "family." This page I created using Elegant Recollections by Theta of Deco Pages. I love the rich colors of this kit and the heritage feel to it.
I also found a picture of my mom holding me when I was a baby and it was so inspirational. I miss her so and seeing this picture it's as though I could feel her love. I also created it using Theta's Elegant Recollection 1 Kit. The quote was from Charles Dickens and inspired me to create a word art with it. I hope that you enjoy it and can use it often!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Shock! and a freebie!

I think I'm in shock!!! Blogging three days in a row, what's up with that?! Well I finished a freebie and wanted to post it today. I just couldn't wait! I created a Quick Page using Deb Ammerman's Shimmery Holiday kit! I just love it! I found it looking for Christmas kits and just love the non-traditional colors and the elements in it are awesome! I love the Christmas Trees and the padded star not to mention the glitter....all of them! I have already created several pages with this awesome kit. Check out my previous post on Christmas Kits. That shows two of them and then I used the kit for a template challenge at Deco Pages. The template was created by Michaele Burkhart. I created a page today with my sisters and grandmother. Check it out!
This is the page that I have decided to use for the freebie for today. Here is the preview.... Click on the image to download this freebie. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Monday, January 05, 2009


This week is the last week of my six day work weeks, whew! I survived it! I love working retail but wow, the holidays can be rough. Now maybe I can get everything caught up that I want to get done including my scrapbooking. Although I have done a few pages over the past couple of days. I found a great kit from Benilda Scraps called Sweet Dream. It's gorgeous! Just check out the pages that I did with it!

I love the realism of her flowers and the elements are fantastic. The word art in the second page is from Stacy Truman. Stop over at Deco Pages and check out her great kits!

Staying with the goal of participating in as many challenges as I can to meet my scrapping goal I participated in the Template Challenge at Deco Pages hosted by Michaele Burkhart (Burkhart Scrapzone Designs) using her template #27. The kit that I chose for this was Shimmery Holiday by Deb Ammerman. The kit and the template worked out great for some of the pictures that I took when I saw the Trans Siberian Orchestra. It was a Christmas gift from my sister and what a gift it was too! The show was awesome and we had floor seats right next to their remote stage. I got some really good pictures. Check this out! I think that they worked out really well together to show off the concert! You should check out the website for TSO! Wonderful music that is a must hear! It's too bad that they only get together and tour during the holidays! I could listen to them all the time!

So I have to say something that is totally non related to anything but since I seem to be suffering from Adult on-set of ADD..... Did you hear about the four year old tot that was found at a rest area on I-70. What a shocking and incredibly sad event but so amazing at the same time. For those of you have young children at age 4, this child knew his mother and father's name, his address and phone number so when he was discovered he was safely returned home. My kids were lucky to be able to recite their address let alone their phone number and my name of course is Mom! Check out this article in the Columbus Dispatch: Boy, 4, reports his mom's killer left him at I-70 stop This is incredible and really scarey. The killer found them after stealing the car from a concert with a set of keys in the car. They did change the locks after the car was stolen but that didn't stop the killer from gaining access! It's so sad!

Well, that's enough rambling for now! Thanks for reading! I'm working on a QP to put up here in the next couple days. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 Goals

I have decided not to set resolutions for the new year as I seem to always neglect resolutions. Instead I decided that I need to set goals for myself...although they are somewhat similar goals to me are easier to manage when they are set properly. One such goal is to be more active on my blog. At least one post per week and to give at least one QP, kit or piece per month to those who come to read my page. I appreciate those who land here and read the ramblings and tangents that I go on. So to start my "goals" for the new year I created a page for the journaling challenge over at Deco-Pages. It's all about "goals" and "resolutions." For the page that I made I used "A New Dawn" by Retro Designs. This is such an awesome kit! I love the colors and style of the elements in the kit.If you are like me you are still scrapping Christmas pictures and other photos from December. I seem to always be running a month behind, lol. Too much to do and so little time. Here is the most recent page that I created from Christmas. My sister was home from Arizona for the holiday and we are lucky enough to still have our Grandma with us. At 90 she still gets around incredibly well. For this page I used Christmas Joy by Deb Ammerman of Deco Pages. I love the patterned papers that she has created and her artsy Christmas Tree and titles. So, anyway one of my goals is to try to scrap at least one page a day for the year and decided that one of the best ways to accomplish that is by participating in as many challenges as I can from the various communities that I belong to. The challenges help me to focus a little better on what to scrap other than random stuff...although that isn't bad either but it fits into the "goals" better. So another challenge page I have done this month was for the "lyrics" challenge at Deco-Pages. For this page I used "Let It Snow and Frosty Fun ( a freebie she gave on the Deco Pages site) " by Ilona Hamp. I love all the little elements that she includes in her kits, especially her little snow men. Needless to say, I am running just a tad behind in the goal of a challenge page per day as today is the fourth and I've only done two challenge pages so far. New goal...get caught up and stay there...hehehe.

I plan on having a freebie on her in the next few days....I'm off on Tuesday so that will be a good day to put one here so check back and see what I come up with for you. Thanks for stoppin by.