Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Memories

Easter is over and in between my hectic work schedule I have been trying to make my memory pages while the even is still fresh in my mind. How fun Easter was! Mom would have enjoyed all the babies this year. Next year will be fun too as we have the two new babies who will be walking and able to hunt them by then. This year was extra fun with Ana and the kids home. I don't know what kind of traditions they have in the Philipines but I think she enjoyed ours! I know that the little Dewy did! The kids are so precious! Just look at their little faces in their pose for Daddy! Too cute.

These pages were made with Elves Page Kit by Dragons Lair Designs of Deco Pages. You can find her kit here: and her store here:

Zoee had a wonderful time too! Her first egg hunt which she wasn't supposed to be included in but she is much faster than me, lol!

I did this page with Deb Ammerman's Flourish it kit! You can find this kit here: and her store here:

What fun the Easter egg hunt was though. My grandson was so excited about finding his eggs and love the whole event! He even shared some of his eggs with Deryll. I will post that page a little later this week or early next.

This page was made with Spring, Summer, Easter Mega Kit by Lori Staton. You can find her store here: and the kit here: She has some really great kits and I have a wonderful time with them.

I hope that you had a safe and happy Easter as I did. If you have memories to share, leave a comment and I will visit your page. TFL!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All That Glitters

Gold really isn´t all that glitters in this bright and sparkling kit. There are gem encrusted bows and flowers and an extra sprinkling of rhinestones for an added sparkle, plus a jeweled butterfly to flutter through your floral pages. It's suitable for all feminine and heritage pages too, and due to its various heart elements, it makes pretty birthday cards and valentines.

Kit includes:

10 backgrounds 12 X 12
2 shaped backgrounds in PNG format 12 X 12
29 misc. embellishments
6 frames
2 page borders
1 quick page with 2 apertures

You can find this glittery new kit here:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Chaotic Musings

I really think that sometimes I must have ADD as I can hardly keep my brain in one place long enough to finish a thought. There is so much going on all the time it seems and I wonder if it is just a sign of the times. Does everyone find it hard to concentrate on one thing for very long or is it just me? Life seems to pull one in so many directions it's hard to stay focused. Yesterday was Easter Sunday and it was pure chaos! The family was here and so I cooked. Thank goodness I had the day off and was off at a reasonable time Saturday evening. I managed to cook turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, pea salad and had the talented girls at the deli make a beautiful cheese tray for me. The family brought the deserts...there was no way I would have the time or the inclination to make those too! So I was expecting around 25 people that included 11 children from the ages of 10 down to one month old. Whew, was the house full! As it turned out there were only 20 of us and then the two dogs! It took three rooms to house everyone long enough to eat and the noise level was at sonic boom! Just look at my Brother-in-Laws face! I think the noise level was getting to him too! lol!

Hopefully it wasn't because of the food! But, I love being with my family although it is loud and chaotic but a good time at any rate. Seems like with everyone working different times and living so far away, we never seem to be able to coordinate schedules to get to visit very much and with that many people in the house, we still didn't get to visit very much. The really cool thing is the amount of babies and kids that we have in the family right now. They are so much fun at Easter hunting for the eggs, playing and having a great time. Even the dogs were exhausted by the time everyone left. Poor Zoee had so much fun chasing the kids around and eating the hidden eggs that after they left, she crashed in front of the couch and didn't move until bed time. She is such a bundle of energy sometimes that she gets herself into a lot of trouble. Just this past week she got into my purse and demolished my digital camera.... I am so hoping that having her fixed will calm her down. I had hoped that when Shadow went to live with my sister in the country that not having him around would calm her down...if it did it was only a little bit.

I guess I will have to wait and see if she calms down more or if she will continue to be the terror that she I really believe that terrier is mispelled!! Credits for the pages that I created are given to...Lori Staton of using her Spring, Summer, Easter Mega kit for my brother in law page and to DreamCatchers Scrapping for her Blue Dream kit that I made Zoee's page with. I have linked these two wonderful kits to their stores. They are wonderful kits and the designers are so talented! I just loved creating these pages with them.

Thanks for reading my ramblings!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Easter! Here is a card I made with the new Card Template Challenge starter kit at!