Tuesday, March 13, 2007

70 Degrees

Wow! It feels like 70 outside right now! Yipee! Whoo Hoo! Been working outside all morning except for the laundry. Sure is getting tough to juggle everything....there's work (which I have to be at in less than 2 hours), there's yard work, house work, scrapping for my creative team stuff, and the list goes on. :-) But the sun is shining and it's great. I love spring and summer. So, I got the Pampas Grass cut down this morning although I don't have it all cleaned up and got one side of the Holly Bush Garden trimmed, not cleaned though. So much to do. It really is too bad that I have to go to work today. There is so much yard work that is calling me to get done, not that I can do it all in one day but it's calling nonetheless. Oh well, I feel as though I have made an accomplishment.