Sunday, June 10, 2007


What a busy week this has been. I haven't been doing too much scrapping as there have been other things to get done. The weather has been nice so outside work has had priority but Bobbie and I went out to the country to visit someone who is raising GoldenDoodles. GoldenDoodles are a newer breed of dog that is a cross between the full size poodle and the golden retreiver. Well, since Snickers turned 17 this last April and Murphee is 14 and both have outlived their life spans we are thinking about our future family members. It has become more evident that we need to think about the fact that neither of them may be with us very much longer as they are both having problems getting up and down and they are both falling frequently. It is tough to think about losing them but they have both outlived the normal life span for their breeds. It's very rare to hear about a dog that is 17 years old. We have been very fortunate to have them with us for so long. But anyway...we went to visit this farm where they are raising these dogs. We met the mom and the dad and two of their little puppies and they were so sweet. The mom of the puppies was a Golden Retriever and she was just the nicest dog. Dad, the poodle, was typical of poodles and very excitable but they were both very precious. The puppies were just the cutest things. They were calmer like their mommy and very loveable and I beleive that some time next year we will wind up buying one of their puppies. So, I scrapped a few pages of Snicks and Murph and one page with one of the pups. I created the pages with a kit called "Best Friends" by BenaminScraps of Hooked On Digi Scrap. It was a cool kit to work with and I just love the elements it has like the collar and the Best Friends collar tag. The elements really added to the layouts and although I may not always have Snicks and Murphee, I will always have their memories.