Friday, April 25, 2008

friday and a freebie

Have you heard about Wendy's selling to Arby's? Around here I never thought that Arby's was really doing that well so I am surprised that they have the money to buy Wendy's...but besides that, that means more Ohio jobs lost, Like we haven't lost enough already! I know that Ohio isn't exclusive to having high unemployment but even though I haven't read the statistics lately I think that Ohio has one of the highest unemployment rates right now! We've recently lost an airline, several distribution centers, and who knows what all else.... But anyway, back to Wendy's. The founding family isn't happy about the buyer I guess and lost their fight to prevent the sale as it was official last night. It's really too bad! You can read about the story here!

I haven't blogged much this week as it has been a busy week. Got the veggie gardens cleaned and partially in...waiting for the cold front to pass before I get the sensitive plants put in. Then I went to the Franklin Park Conservatory with my Grandma to see the Blooms and Butterflies exhibit. That was very educational as well as enjoyable. I watched a few butterflies hatching and learned a lot of things that I didn't know. For instance, a butterfly has to dry their wings for three hours before they can fly! I never knew that! It was really cool. Watching them emerge from their cocoon or whatever it is called was very neat. The room where they keep them is really humid as I guess butterflies need a lot of humidity (no wonder Ohio has a lot of butterflies in the summer!) and the window was all fogged up but it was cool to watch.

Then I went and picked up my grandson for the week and he keeps me pretty busy! He is so much fun! I agree with the old quote that I've heard that goes something like this..."If I knew how much fun it was to have grandchildren, I would have done that first!" Not verbatim of course because I can't remember exactly how it goes.

I was reading a book the other day and came across a quote that I really enjoyed and so am offering it as a freebie word art. If you like it, you can pick it up here. Or just click on the preview!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Coming Soon To Deco Pages

Coming Soon to Deco Pages....3 brand new challenges hosted by three members of the Deco Pages Creative Team!
If you are inspired by challenges when creating your scrapbook pages and enjoy earning the free gifts here are three brand new ones coming to Deco Pages. Lyrics challenge: Hosted by iwannaalife: she will post a featured song to inspire your creativity. Create a page using one verse or the whole song and receive 2 free QP's just for participating! Then there is the brand new Gallery Hunt Challenge hosted by mom2triplets04! Do you save pages in your favorites that you are inspired by? then forget to go back to it to scrapalift the page? That's what this one is all about...scrapalifting pages from your favs. You will earn another 2 QP's for participation in this challenge. Then there is a brand new Journaling Challenge hosted by me (macochran). Do you find journaling difficult? Find it hard to choose a subject to write about? Join me for the new journaling challenge and find new inspirations to write about. When you complete the challenge you will earn 2 free QP's.

For the month of May the kit used for the QP's is: Roses for Mom by Deb Ammerman. This kit includes: 11 - 12x12 Backgrounds,1 Ribbon, 2 Gel Borders,3 Deco Gel Trims, 1 Doiley, 4 Tape Tabs, 1 Frame, 1little rose, 1 Frayed Fabric Journal Box, 1 Photo Anchor with brad, 2 Rose Bunches, 2 Rose Stamps, 2 Tags, Gel Titles - Each in light green, dark green and pink :Mother,
Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend, And 2 Quick Pages. Click on the image below to see the kit!

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's chilly again and raining so I get a respite from yard work although I sure have enjoyed being outside. I even got a bit of a sunburn from the time that I was outside this past week. It's nice to have the sun back! But since it's raining and chilly I can do other things like catch up the laundry and other domestics that didn't get any attention this week and I even created a few new pages for my scrapbook.

Of course I have to celebrate Spring!!! Who doesn't love spring!!! Well, maybe those with severe allergies maybe. I used the April Club Deco Kit "April Surprise from Deco Pages to create this page. The wonderful photo in it is one that one of my friends sent to me that she had taken at Innis Woods, a local metropolitan park. I love how the sun is shining behind the flowers. Contributions from the kit include: BG by JHanson, Flowers, and Journal Tag by L.Hill; Torn Stirp and Frame by Designs by CAZ; Butterflies by RoseMadeDesigns. The Club Deco Kit is huge with mini kits from at least 16 designers from the site. It's huge!

For this next one, I created it for a challenge at 3Scrapateers. The challenge is called By The Book. This months challenge was to leave a lot of white space and utilize bleending to emphathize the white space. The kit I used was "Spring Is Coming" by KLS which was a daily download. The word art is from MRottler of One Hour Scrap.

This last one I created with "It Felt Like Spring" by Deb Ammerman of Deco Pages for a Holiday Challenge there! I used photos of my friends who stopped by to visit... Karen had been diagnosed with a very rare cancer a few years ago and is in remission. Every visit with her is a precious memory that is very much worth saving. Lyrics are from Bette Midler "Gotta Have Friends". Font is Kids!