Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Fall

It's Fall! We had our first frost and my house plants are still outside. Bummer. Maybe I can get them in today and salvage them... My lawn is full of leaves that need raked and the trees are nearly bare here. I am not looking forward to winter...but fall is a beautiful time though. The sunsets are deeper and prettier and seem more striking, at least to me. I saw this sunset outside my store one night while the staff was taking out trash and couldn't resist taking the picture, which was with my phone. Gorgeous! I used Autumn Splendor by Deb Ammerman of Deco Pages for this page! Her kit has so many different colors and patterns and was so versatile to work with, I loved it! I also used it for this next page with my nephew and my 5 month old puppy! The look on my nephews face as Zoee was getting him was priceless!
As you can see the colors are lighter and versatile to work with nearly everything! You can find Deb's kit here!

Halloween is right around the corner and promises to be great fun! Candy is flying off the shelf in preparation for the spooky beggars night! I can't wait to see what my DGS goes as this year. Last year he was a spook with his face all painted white and his hair colored. He was so much fun.
I used Lori Staton's Spooky Treats kit for this page of Gabe and Me. I love the bright colors and cool elements that she's put in the kit! Check out this page of my son's friend....this was too funny!

Check out her kit preview! Tons of Halloween fun in this kit!
Have a safe and happy halloween!