Friday, March 30, 2007

What a Month

What a month his has been.... Busy, busy, busy plus I quit smoking! After 33 years of nicotine I have finally given it up, thanks of course to Chantix. If you are a smoker and want to quit Chantix is the thing. I never suffered one withdrawl symptom from the nicotine. I still have triggers where I want to light up but not because I want the nicotine but because old habits die sitting with morning coffee and a cigarette. That part has been different but I am excited to be smoke free. Now if I could just be fat free but that is another story.... I haven't spent too much time scrapping this month because sitting at the computer and smoking was also something that went well together but I am slowly adjusting. Here are a couple pages that I have managed to do.... They are made with DaleAnn C. kit: Spring Sorbet. This has been a great kit to work with and there are a ton of other photos that I can use with these kits. I loved the peach colors for Gabriel because they aren't feminine. You can find her kits at the HODS store. The Element Pak and Page Pak are must haves for this spring.

Gabriel turned one this month. How time flies by. He is so precious and has the sweetest smile. Of course the scrap pages that I worked on were of him of course. He had his first hair cut on his birthday and I will scrap some of those pictures later but his party was so much fun for him. He ate up all the attention and especially enjoyed his birthday cake. Scott and Katie did such a good job on his first party. There were so many people there that half of them had to be outside......He received a ton of presents one of which was a train and track. I will scrap those pics as well later...He just loves that train. He was so much fun to watch. Reminds me so much of the page that I scrapped of "Children are What Life is All About."