Friday, May 09, 2008

Rainy Dayz and a freebie

It's raining and has been now for several days! I really don't like the rain but I do like how green everything is when it rains. It makes everything so bright and colorful and gives the earth new life. Hence the theme of my freebie for today.

With the new month I have been very busy with new pages as you have already seen. I have put together some with my Sweet Grandson in the back yard as he has explored the things he's found. I found this wonderful kit to use called Backyard Explorer by RoseMadeDesigns of Deco Pages.
This kit has 2 Quick pages, 8 bacground papers, 1 magnifying glass, 1 bug net, 1 map, 1 bug, 1 compass 4 frames 4 patches, 4 stickers, 4 tags, 4 trims and 2 word arts. It also comes with a BONUS: Space Explorer Mini Kit that has 3 background papers, 3 rockers, 3 buttons, 2 stars and a moon! It's a great little kit for your explorer! I have really enjoyed using it for my grandsons recent visit!

Tuesdays are my "Grandma" days and we went flower shopping to get ideas on what to put in her flower beds this year. We weren't able to shop for long because she found she couldn't be on her feet for very long and the nursery didn't really have any place for her to sit and rest...but we saw some really pretty flowers that we will be going back for after some bushes are pulled out of the existing beds. I am so grateful to have my grandmother and appreciate every minute that I can get with her. At 90 years old, she isn't a spring chicken and we are very fortunate that she is still sharp, independent and mobile. I used K.T. Scraps Primavera Promises for the pages that I made of our shopping trip. It has so many sweet little pieces in it and so soft and feminine and perfect for my grandmother. Perfect for spring as well. This kit has 73 pieces total in it that includes 8 patterned papers, 8 solid papers, 4 Binder Clips , 4 Butterflies , 4 Fiber Bows , 9 Spring Flowers , 4 Folded Ribbon Frames, 4 Individual Leaves , 4 17" Lace Ribbons, 8 Beaded Staples, 4 Metal Rimmed Scalloped Vellum Tags, 4 Patterned Metal Rimmed Tags with Vellum Inserts , 4 Solid Metal Rimmed Tags, and 4 Vellum Journal Squares/Photo Mats. It's a very pretty kit to work with for spring or feminine pages.
I am working on a new kit with springy colors and should have pieces of it up sometime next week. It has been great fun learning how to design my own pieces and am looking forward to the time when I feel like I am good enough to be professional. I have a long ways to go yet. I still have a lot to learn about the actions and filters in photoshop and how to apply them and get the effects that I am looking for but I hope that you are able to use and enjoy what I have been able to do so far. So, with that being said; here is my freebie for today.