Monday, May 19, 2008

The Puppies Have Arrived

In six weeks I will have a new furbaby in the house! Whoo Hoo! My Airedale Murphee is such a good dog and I have loved Airedales for a very long time! They are such good dogs; loyal, protective, playful and headstrong. I had put up money for a puppy in October and finally the puppies have arrived. I have been waiting for what seems like forever for a new Airedale puppy! I am not looking forward to the terror part of the terrier but all the fun she will be and Daisie will love having a new playmate! Murphee tries to play with her but it is too much for her to be bouncing around with the energy that Daisie has! So, I just received a picture of the new arrivals and here is the page that I made with it. Credits for the page go to Retro and her Doggie Treats kit, Cardboard tag: DigiSkrapNMomma, daisy staple and hearts - Ilona Hamp, columbine flowers and trim; Lori Staton, Journal tag; MoveFearlesslyDesigns, Butterflies; Paris Designs, and Ribbon by Designs by CAZ.
I am so excited, I can hardly wait!!!!!

So, I haven't posted for a while as I've been busy concentrating on trying to find employment. I filed my last unemployment claim yesterday.... Boy the job market is tough! But I have made a few pages since my last post.... Mother's Day came and went and I was blessed with both my boys coming home on the Saturday before. I don't get to see them very often and am grateful when I do. The wonderful ball that you see in this is the new fountain that my DS and DIL got me for mothers day. It is a fountain and the ball is actually a marble that is heavier than a bowling ball. I was really tickled with it. The water makes the marble spin. I have been trying to watch for the cat's to realize that it is here and play with the ball but so far no takers. They love to drink out of my other fountain so I thought they would be intrigued by the fact that the ball spins. All pieces of this page were made by me!

Then on Mother's Day I woke up and let the dogs out and what a mess of excitement then. I didn't realize that the wind had blown the gate open until after I got my morning coffee and the dogs didn't come back to the door to be let in.....Lord, what a scare! I live on a very busy main street and I was terrified that they would be hit!
But as you'll see, they were safe! Whew! I can do without that kind of excitement though! Kit used was Doggie Treats by Retro Designs.

Well, I'm off to job hunt some more! Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading my blog!