Friday, March 21, 2008


I have done a few layouts with Deb's Paisley's, Potpourri and Pizzaz kit! I just love the versatility of her kit. The elements are totally awesome. I did a two page layout with one of those "chain" get to know me emails. That was kind of fun to play around with that. Then, just look at the phone I recolored! How perfect is that. We all have someone in the family that their cell phone is glued to their This kit was so much fun to work with. There is a camera and computer mouse and some others that I want to play with too! I always have my camera handy as does my sister and it's funny to watch us take pictures of each other taking a picture. I just love it. It's on sale now at Deco Pages...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring!

Whoo Hoo! The first day of spring, finally! And to kick it off there are tons of new kits celebrating the season over at Deco Pages. Deb Ammerman introduced "It Felt Like Spring!" today. The texture of this kit is realistic you can "feel" the felt. It is priced at an introductory price of $5.99. It's huge! 11 Papers, 7 Solid Felt Papers, 23 Borders, 4 Buttons, 43 Felt Flowers, 4 Flower Stamps, 3 Stems, 12 Frames, 9 Sequins, 8 Staples with beads, and 30 Tags.

Deb also has several other kits on sale right now as well. Paisley's Potpourri & Pizzaz is a wonderful kit with awesome elements that you can re-color to suit your needs. This kit is loaded with 23 Papers, 1 Torn Bottom Journal Block, 1 Mesh Border, 1 Paisley Sticker, 9 Individual Potpourri elements, 1 Potpourri Corner, 2 Tied Strings with Islets and Beads, 10 Flowers, 5 Greenery Paper Cuts outs, 1 Strand Beads, 1 Camera, 1 Cell Phone, 1 Mouse, 1 Key, 1 Photo Corner, 1 Photo Holder, 3 Photo Tabs, 1 Flat Bottle Cap Shape, 6 Frames, 4 Bows with Matching Ribbons, 1 Knotted Ribbon, 3 Scalloped Ribbons, 2 Ric Rac Ribbons, and 1 Twisted Ric Rac Ribbon.

Grungy Day comes with 23 Papers, The 5 W's Word Art, Complete Alpha (Upper, Lower and Punctuation), 9 Doodles, 2 Arrows, 1 Strand Beads, 3 Brads, 1 Crumpled Torn Folded Journal Box, 4 Flowers, 1 Frayed Fabric Block, 1 Gear, 1 Knotted Ribbon, 2 Photo Corners, 1 Photo Holder, 2 Pointing Hands, 1 RicRac, 1 Twisted RicRac, 2 Sparkly Edge Bows, 2 Sparkly Edge Ribbons, 1 Staple, 1 Star Element, 1 String Eyelet Tied with Beads, 1 Swirl, 1 Tag, and 8 Frames ...all for $5.99 right now.

Huge kits, Huge Savings! Stop on over and check them out!