Friday, February 08, 2008

Long Week

It's been a long week and I am finally recovering from the flu. Nasty version of it this year and the first time I've had the flu for a long time. I may have to consider getting the shot next year. I hadn't had it for so long the shot really wasn't necessary. Last time I had gotten the shot it gave me the flu worse than I'd ever had it before but if I am going to be getting it then I guess I might as well get the shot so if I do get the flu it shouldn't be so bad. I came down with it Monday and Thursday night was the first time I could eat anything. Good part is that I lost 10 pounds, bad part is that it will be back in just a matter of as few days as it took for me to take it off. So, today I have managed to be out of bed for the whole day at this point without having to lay back down. Whew! I am so glad to be better.

I have made a few scrapbook pages with some really cool kits this month so far. My favorite subject, Gabe my grandson of course. I had kept him for a bit a couple weeks ago, before I got sick. I used a totally cool kit by Dana Conditt of Deco Pages called Boy Wonder. It is so hard to find really neat kits for boys but I just love this one. I love the colors and the patterns that she put into it and they turned out perfectly. I can see myself using this kit a lot. I created a couple other ones that are much more feminine using my grandma and my sister...using a kit by Cheryl Embry called Tea With Grandma. The word art used on both of them are from Stacey Truman.

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