Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where did 70 degrees go?

Well, 70 degrees has come and gone. It has been cold and dreary all week long and I am so ready for Sunshine..... I am hoping that I don't lose my Japanese Maple and am very sad that I have already lost five of my rose bushes. Such a cold front we got. It was even too cold to take the little ones outside for an Easter egg hunt. So, they hunted in doors and had a wonderful time anyway. They had plastic eggs filled with money and toys as well as special little notes directing them to various adults for hugs and kisses. What fun! Gabe had so many faces and expressions. How precious. Timmy was also very fascinated by everything and a joy. Faces of Gabe page was created with March 2007 Mega Kit from RakScraps with Rockwell Extra Bold Font. Timmy page was created with VMORR's Somebunny's Easter Kit from Scrapbook Bytes. Font used was Century Schoolbook.